Hotel Deposit Lockers

When checking into a respectable hotel, guest house or B&B guests expect peace of mind from adequate security for themselves and their belongings.  Most travel websites for hotels, apartments and bed and breakfast accommodation list room amenities and facilities as standard and hotel room safes and/or deposit lockers are normally amongst them.

At Thornhill Security we offer a full range of small hotel safes suitable for installation within the individual guest bedrooms and providing theft protection for guests’ valuables such as passports and other important documentation, money, credit cards and travellers cheques, laptops, cameras and jewellery.

Alternatively, we can also provide banks of safety deposit lockers that can be installed in a central reception or office area providing individual security for your guests’ belongings where there isn’t the space for the installation of an individual safe within every bedroom.

As well as the added security and peace of mind for your guests, the installation of either of these products could entitle you to a discount or reduction on your insurance premiums and will certainly reduce the cost both financially and in time of having to deal with the aftermath of a theft.

The small room safes are extremely user friendly and virtually maintenance free meaning that once they have been installed in one of your hotel bedrooms you will have minimal ongoing work or costs.

You can view a selection of our hotel deposit lockers below.


The Burton Lambent Hotel Room Safe (featured above) for example comes with master codes and emergency keys, is available in a range of sizes and an insurance rating of £1000 cash and £10,000 valuables. They are large enough to store most laptops with 17” screens.

These safes and deposit lockers can also be used in other multiple occupancy accommodation, such as student halls of residence, hospitals, nursing homes or residential training centres.

Further Help and Advice

Contact the team at Thornhill Security for advice on the purchase and installation of individual hotel safes or security deposit lockers on 0117 9674994. You can also view our FAQ and blog pages for further information.