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Security Advice and Specialist Products for Estate Agents

If you work in or manage an estate agency, property management company or letting agency, security is a consideration of paramount importance.

In addition to the large number of keys held for landlords and tenants, estate agents are often responsible for holding sensitive documents, arranging lock changes and unfortunately, must also be wary of internal theft.

At Thornhill Security, we offer a wide range of security products designed to help estate agents address these challenges.

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Security Products for Estate Agents

key cabinet is a robust solution for the secure storage of keys. These cabinets have capacities ranging from 30 to thousands of keys and are an ideal solution for the storage and management of keys.

As well as their secure design, key cabinets can improve organisation and reduce the risk of internal theft, with colour coded hooks, key tags, rings, numbers and control index cards allowing those responsible to understand the whereabouts of any key at any given time.

Additionally, key cabinets can be fitted with a range of different locking mechanisms to suit you, from electronic digital lock to mechanical combination locks with key override.

Within rental properties such as flats and apartment blocks, a master key system can aid landlords and estate agents greatly by improving the security and organisation of the building. These systems work by issuing individuals living within the property a key that allows them pre-set access to relevant areas of the building.

For example, a tenant may be issued a key that allows them to access the front door and any other communal areas of the building as well as their own flats. If the key is not returned when the tenancy ends, the system can be reconfigured to render their old key redundant.

In the case of a maintenance worker or cleaner, their key could be set up to give them access to further areas of the building, allowing them to move freely throughout.

Finally, the landlord or estate agent would have a master key, allowing them to gain entry too all areas of the building where required. This is of significant benefit when arranging property viewings as it negates the need to carry around large bunches of keys.

Master Key Systems

Whilst the migration to digital has begun happening in many estate agents, many still keep paper records of tenant and landlords’ details.

These records often contain very sensitive information such as salary, date of birth, current address and bank details; a breach concerning data of this sensitivity would be detrimental for an estate agent, possibly resulting in large fines.

Our data and paper cabinets offer the highest levels of security for the storage of important documents, tested to international standards EN 1047-1, UL72 Class 125 and EN14450 S2, these data and paper cabinets can offer up to 120 minutes fire protection for complete peace of mind.

Many estate agents have large glass windows, allowing them to showcase the properties they currently have for sale or to let. However, when night falls and the shop closes, the glass windows can provide easy access to the valuables within.Security grilles are a cost effective and robust solution to shop front solution and being fully retractable, they don’t impact on the aesthetics of the window when not in use. Furthermore, they can help bring down insurance premiums.
Office Security Grilles

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