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Buying a Safe

When deciding which safe to buy you should first consider the type of items you expect to store in the safe.

If you need a safe to protect cash, jewellery and other valuables then a Cash Safe is probably the best option. A Cash Safe offers a level of protection against theft which is usually gauged by the manufacturer Cash Rating.

If you need a safe to protect paper documents against fire damage then a Fire Safe. is probably the best option. A Fire Safe offers a level of protection against fire in addition to theft. Manufacturer Fire Ratings are shown for all of our Fire Safes.

If you need a safe to protect computer media such as disks and cassettes against fire damage then a Data Safe is the best option. A Data Safe offers a higher level of protection against fire than a normal Fire Safe. Manufacturer Fire Ratings are shown for all of our Data Safes.

Once you have decided on the type of items you wish to protect within your safe you should then consider other factors such as where the safe will be located & the size of safe you require.

Further information about the different type of safes available and the best product to meet your needs, Call our team on 01179 674994 who will be happy to provide advice and a no obligation quote.

The Cash Rating of a safe relates to the amount of cash for which an insurance company will provide over night insurance cover. As with all insurance companies this value can vary slightly depending on location and may be higher or lower than the manufacturer recommended Cash Rating shown. You should always check directly with your insurance company for exact ratings.

Cash Ratings are determined by door and wall thickness, lock types used and the general build quality of a safe. The higher the Cash Rating the more secure the safe is.

All of the safes shown on our website have the Cash Rating shown and we will always discuss the cash rating with you prior to purchase to make sure that you purchase a safe with the correct level of cover.

The following table gives an indication of the Cash Ratings for different grades of safe and the corresponding non cash content that is covered;

GradeInsurance (Cash) RatingNon Cash Content


No you can purchase a second hand or reconditioned safe which will be cheaper than an equivalent new safe.

We have a range of second hand and reconditions safes available at significant discounts. See our second hand safe page or contact the team on 01179 674994 to find our more details.

Delivery & Installation of your Safe

The delivery dates for orders vary depending on the product selected. After your order has been processed we will send you email confirmation which will include expected delivery dates. If you have any queries relating to delivery dates for any product please contact us.

Our prices include delivery to site at an address on the UK mainland.  Additional charges may apply if you require delivery to a location with restricted access or to a specific floor in the building but we will discuss this with you when you place your order.

The floor loading of a safe relates to the weight the floor that is going to hold the safe will sustain. Certain safes we supply weigh in excess of 850 Kg. We advise that you ensure the floor loading is sufficient for the safe you require before placing an order with us.

If unsure you may need to check with a qualified surveyor.

Many of our products will require installation either directly by you or a professional installation engineer to be totally secure. As standard we will talk to you about the installation of your safe and provide you with a price for our engineers to complete the work.

If you choose not to take advantage of our installation service, further information regarding installation is displayed on many of the products and full instructions are included with the safe.

Yes we can provide an installation only service for your safe and do so for many customers who have purchased their products from suppliers who do not offer an installation service.

Find out more information on our safe installation service here, or alternatively contact a member of our team on 0117 674994 who will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a no obligation quotation.

Yes, all freestanding security safes come with pre-drilled bolt down holes and bolting hardware to bolt them to the floor. The majority of fire safes however cannot be bolted to the floor, as holes to attach them would breach the fire resistant barrier.

Safe Maintenance

Safes with a traditional dial combination are available in either changeable or with preset number combination. Preset numbers are not changeable except by qualified Master Locksmiths. All electronic combination locks are changeable using the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you lose or forget your combination, contact us to retrieve the combination for preset dial combinations. You need to have the serial number of the safe and proof that you are the original owner of the safe.

All electronic locks are designed to save your combination through an internal memory even if the batteries run down. Batteries are easy to replace using the manufacturer instructions.


We do ask you to provide some personal information when making an enquiry about our products and services in order to help us deliver a good service to you.

All information collected is held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. For further information on how we hold and use your personal information please see our Privacy Policy.

We strive to ensure the quality of all of the products we supply. However in the event that there is a fault with your product you should in the first instance contact us on 01179 674994 or and we will work with you to rectify any issues and if necessary arrange for a replacement product to be delivered.

Our Customer Promise

Free, Specialist Advice

on all safes, associated security and locking products to provide the right solution to meet all budgets and timeframes

Professional & Efficient

service from enquiry to installation of your safe or lock

Quality After Care

service including repair and maintenance of your lock or safe

Further Help and Advice

For further advice about all of our Counter Safes call us on 0117 9674994. Additionally you can view our FAQ and blog pages for more information.
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