Protect your Property with Quality Digital Locks

Security is high on the agenda whether you are owner of a commercial premises or a domestic property. Keeping intruders out to protect your assets and even yourselves is a top priority. Burglary is sadly on the up and sophisticated security measures are needed more than ever. Insurance companies require higher levels of security to be implemented to validate their policies.

Key-less Locking Systems

With key-less digital locking systems there are no more worries about losing keys or leaving one under the plant pot for emergencies. This is an revolution in security. Simple keypads or touch screens enable quick entry with no key rummaging.

Access Control Systems

The electronic access control systems are a perfect solution for commercial premises especially if there are many staff members who require access to different areas of the building. The company has complete control over who can access certain areas and this access can be changed very easily if there is a security breach of any kind.

Here at Thornhill Security we have a wide range of different locks and digital locking systems to suit any property or level of security required. All of our locks come with guarantees and we can supply them very quickly.

If you require us to fit them for you too then its no problem. We are experienced and professional – read more about our locksmiths services here. For further information and adivce, do not hesitate to give our team a call on 0117 9674994