Nuclear Bunkers

Nuclear Bunkers

At Thornhill Security, we pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art nuclear bunkers that offer the highest level of security for private individuals and businesses.

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A hardened shelter is designed to protect civilians in the event of a threat to life and health during a war or non-military crisis, when there is a high probability of a shock wave resulting from an explosion of military assets, improvised explosives or an industrial disaster.


The shelter consists of a frame, panels and entrance door. The structure is made in fireproof, bulletproof and explosion-proof technology.

Additional systems:

  • Ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Chemical toilet
  • Power generator with connection to the municipal power supply
  • Basic and emergency lighting
  • Drinking water tank with connection to the municipal drinking water supply system


Option 1Option 2
Capacity14 pax40 pax
Length6040 mm12140 mm
Width2490 mm2490 mm
Height2533 mm2533 mm
Weight14 tons26.5 tons
Fire resistanceEl 120El 120
BulletproofAccording to norm FB7 – NSVAccording to norm FB7 – NSV
Blast resistance tested7 bar, according to ATP- bar, according to ATP-
Blast resistance analysed (FEA)21 bar21 bar
Bulglary resitantclass Vclass V
Transport platform:multiliftmultilift


  • Civil protection in a densely populated urban agglomeration that lacks protective facilities.
  • Protection of the population in newly built housing estates where there are no stationary security facilities.
  • For the protection of the population in newly created housing estates with single-family houses or terraced houses, where no protective facilities are to be built.
  • For the protection of the population in populated areas where there is a high and very high risk of hostilities and non-military threats resulting from the explosion of hazardous materials.
  • Protection of employees of important state facilities that have not been equipped with protective rooms or adjacent shelters.
  • To protect embassies and foreign institutions, in places where there is a high risk of hostilities or other terrorist, subversive activities, etc.

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