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Office Security Grilles

Warehouse Security Grilles & Gates

As an initial deterrent Security Grilles are an ideal solution for your external warehouse doors to ward off potential thieves and prevent unplanned attacks.

This versatile solution is both robust and fully retractable and can be securely fitted on commercial warehouse doors, windows, and garages.

Other than use on the external building, security grilles can be used on warehouse interior doors to gate off and provide additional security for high risk stock areas within the building itself.

Additional acting as a significant protection against theft, security gates for warehouse doors will prevent unwarranted individuals simply wandering into the warehouse

Warehouse Security Doors

Security Cages

Additionally, a security cage for the warehouse is often used for the secure storage of hazardous materials; small plant and machinery found in warehouses and building sites; security for computer services and other IT equipment where ventilation is as equally as important as being locked away; and restricting access to sensitive data or high volume valuables.

Secure Rooms

Not only in use within at risk domestic environments, secure rooms are an effective solution against theft and burglary in the commercial sector too.

Easy to install, they don’t disrupt the original building work and can, therefore, be easily moved if you decide to change premises. This effective solution against not only burglary and theft but fire also is a fully enclosed system made up of 6 sides at all the same thickness.

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