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No business is too small to not be employing trusted security systems in an effort to protect against the potential of a break-in. From single floor offices to whole properties, it is essential that you ensure your security is covered.

It is important for us to note that whilst many business employ the help of CCTV to watch over the entirety of their business this deterrent is simply not enough. Instead all businesses should consider additional, and more physical barriers to protect their property from the threat of unauthorised entry, as well as the reality of internal theft.

Office Security Products

Thornhill Master Key System

Master Key Systems

Access Control Systems

Key Cabinets

Security Grilles

Office Security Grilles

Data Cabinets

Choose from electronic or mechanical combination locks as well as additional fitting options such as shelves, drawers and lockable cupboards.

Document Fire Safes

Document Fire Safes
Codelocks Electronic CL5000 range

Codelock Products

This reduces the concern of key management and codes can quickly be changed if required. For example, if an employee leaves the business.
Furthermore, one time user codes can be issued to allow for temporary access without compromising the real combination.

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