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Security Advice and Specialist Products for Schools & Universities

If you work on or manage a school premises, Thornhill Security offers a range of products to help protect your educational facility from internal and external theft; as well as keeping students, staff and their possessions safe.

The security of any premises like this is very important due to the large numbers of pupils and teachers who are there every day. Additionally,  large volumes of expensive equipment such as computers are always kept on school premises.


Security Products for your School, College or University

Master Key Systems
Security cabinets are an essential to maintain a high level of security in educational establishments & buildings with numerous rooms.
Key Cabinets or key safes come in various sizes with the capacity to hold over 200 keys.
Key Cabinets
Security Cabinets
The dimensions of our range start at 1000mm in height, allowing the security cabinet to sit comfortably in the corner of a room with minimal disruption.
Our fire safes offer protection against fire for up to 120 minutes; meaning there is a better chance the documents will be retrieved. Not only this but with high cash ratings they can also protect against thieves.
Document Fire Safes
They are cost effective, easy to use and quick to install, our sophisticated padlocks offer maximum security and multiple design features for peace of mind.
Padlocks from Thornhill
extendor security grilles
Commonplace in many commercial premises, security grilles are extremely robust whilst also versatile and aesthetically pleasing. They can be incorporated onto any window or door, both internal and external.
They can also be used as a powerful deterrent against crime in areas surveillance is poor; our anti-vandalism mirrors have robust fitting to repel attack.
Convex mirrors for schools

For advice on school security products give our friendly experienced team a call today.


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