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Pub and Nightclub Security

If you own or manage a pub, club, bar or casino, Thornhill Security has a range of products to help you protect your business from internal and external theft. The security of a premises like this is very important to get right due to the large amount of cash handling and the volume of people likely to be there at any one time.

Which Safe is Right for My Premises?

Till Safes for Shops and Retail

Till Safes

Till safes are equipped with drawers and shelving so documents can also be stored.

Counter Safes

‘Smash and Grab’ till robbery is one of the most common crimes in pubs and clubs because thieves see it as an easy target.
Retail Counter Safes
Floor Safes for Use in the Retail Sector

Floor Safes

It is unfortunately true that 76% of fraud and theft in businesses is carried out internally; floor safes can be fitted with a chute that reaches floor level enabling staff to deposit valuables and cash into the safe without being able to access it. This allows you to minimise the amount of people with direct access to your deposits.

Steel Security Doors

Steel Security Doors for Nightclubs and Pubs
Keyless Digital Locks

Digital Locks

Implementing one of these systems prevents unwanted people from accessing staff areas and eliminates the need for keys.

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