Access Control Systems

All businesses, regardless of size have a duty to protect company and staff assets from malicious damage and theft, whether organised or opportunist in nature as well as protect their workforce. The installation of an electronic access control system is one of the most efficient and convenient solutions to achieve this.

At Thornhill Security, we sell and install a wide range of door entry systems for all types of buildings and businesses. Our access control systems can be tailor-made to suit the exact requirements of the building topology and level of security required.

An access control system gives the business full “control” over who has or doesn’t have access to their premises.  Controlled doors are automatically locked on closure and only staff or visitors with a secure PIN or access token will be able to open the door and enter either the building or a particular area.

The business manages the entire access system internally from a central point giving it the flexibility to take control over who enters their building including:

  • barring tokens and PINs to prevent leaving staff from continuing to gain access
  • stopping access in the event of lost or stolen keys thereby reducing the inconvenience and cost of replacing locks and re-issuing keys
  • setting access time frames so that entry can only be obtained during set times / days
  • un-locking all doors in the event of an evacuation emergency

For more information call our team on 0117 9674994 or alternativley you can view our range of Access Control Systems below.

Access Control systems have always been frequently used in organisations where high levels of security or protection is required either generally or for specific areas such as laboratories, chemical stores or military installations.  However with business thefts increasing over the years more and more businesses are installing them as a part of their general building security.

As an alternative, for multiple occupancy buildings or premises with restricted access a Master Key Systems can provide a different way of controlling access to a building.

Further Help and Advice

For additional information when purchasing an Access Control system, give our team at Thornhill Security a call on 0117 9674994. You can also find a wealth of information on our FAQ and blog pages.