Shop and Retail Security

Security Advice and Specialist Products for Shops and Stores

Whether you are managing a big franchise with dozens of employees and insured stock or you’re operating an independent shop, security is an area that shouldn’t be overlooked as one bad run-in with a crime could drastically affect your business.

We have a wide range of products to help protect the areas necessary in your shop ranging from protecting secure areas from unauthorised access to safeguarding the front of your store with physical and robust security solutions.

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Master Key System

Most commonly used in shops, shared accommodation, offices and schools, master key systems work by allowing anyone who needs access to an area a master key that works across potentially a number of locks.

However, the manager of the system can choose where a key works and where it doesn’t. For example, all members of staff will have a key that allows them to get into the staff room, stock room and other common areas but only a select few members are able to use the same key to get into the shop office area.

This solution is a favourite among businesses for its simplicity, cost effectiveness and versatility.

Master Key Systems Image - Thornhill

Deposit Safes

Where cash is involved, it’s always better to have that extra layer of security than simply the till locking system. Deposit safes within shops are commonly installed behind the till the area to minimise the movement of money.

The threat regarding money theft and fraud comes from both outside and internal forces so it is common that employees have rules on when to deposit money into the safe and only managerial staff have access to empty it upon close of business.

Deposit Safes Image - Thornhill

Key Cabinet

It can be a worry for shop owners when members of staff have access to a number of keys at all times including periods where the shop is closed. To combat this, many retail premises choose to use onsite key cabinets in which appropriate members of staff can store and access keys onsite with a sign in sign out the protocol in place.

Not only does this keep your business secure by those internally, but it also minimises the risk of the keys being misplaced outside the business which could pose a bigger threat.

Key Cabinet Image - Thornhill

Security Grilles for Shop Fronts


In any building, standard doors and windows alone won’t always be the best security option for you. Security grilles not only offer an additional layer of robust protection but can also act as a deterrent for your shop window to show that you are on top of your security.

Your shop front is what you use to invite people in so obviously it’s great to show off your products in your windows but this also comes as a security risk when the shop is not open.

It is not uncommon for external security grilles to help bring down your insurance premiums in high-risk areas either.

Security Grilles For Shop Fronts Image - Thornhill

Secure Cages for Stock

Are you managing high levels of important stock or sensitive data where a normal safe won’t suffice? Secure cages and enclosures provide the perfect solution for this as they can be used as either stand-alone security solutions or larger room-sized storage depending on the needs of the business.

This is an extremely versatile and robust solution to securing business material, whether that’s stock, machinery, IT equipment or sensitive data, we can speak to you and provide you with the cage most appropriate for your back of house area.

Secure Cages For Stock Image - Thornhill

Access Control System

Similar to master key systems, access control systems are monitored by the manager who can decide what key cards will allow what level of access. The simply designed lock and software can be easily installed into almost any existing mechanical lock on a whole range of door types.

This solution is perfect for shops with many levels of authority on who is allowed where.

The management of this system can be managed in-house so you can give the authority to where needed for only a short period of time if necessary.

Access Control System Image - Thornhill

Need Help Securing Your Premises?

Our team of experts are on hand to help you choose the most suitable security measures for shop or retail premises. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0117 967 4994 for more information and advice.