Deposit Safes

Deposit safes are ideal for any cash handling retail outlet or venue including restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars. These tough little safes come with a range of different cash ratings and are independently tested to protect cash deposits in commercial situations.

When there is cash around, you are exposed to not only the threat of theft from outside forces but there is also an internal threat of fraud from staff members. There are varying designs, some will allow for cash deposits to be made by staff without them having full access to the safe. There is a choice of deposit methods and trap sizes available depending on your requirements.

Most of the deposit safes in our range can either be wall mounted from the back or fixed from the base.

Talk to us at Thornhill Security today on 0117 9674994, to let us help you choose the right deposit safe for you. We will deliver and install your safe for you to give you peace of mind.

Alternatively, view a small sample of our deposit safes below

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