What’s in your shed and how secure is it?

Whilst the majority of us understand the importance of, and take action against, theft or robbery in our homes and businesses, too often we forget to protect our humble garden shed or other outbuildings and yet they often contain some very expensive items.

Increase in Outdoor Living

Despite the unpredictable British weather, it seems that we are spending more of our time in outdoor living areas. It would therefore stand to reason that people generally acquire more open-air items such as patio furniture, garden tools, barbeques, play items, bikes and outdoor heaters.

Sheds are home to a multitude of gardening and home tools; garages are no longer just for cars but household utility items and bikes; summerhouses with plush furniture and iPod docking stations take pride of place; and even separate home offices dwell at the bottom of the garden.

Why then are people forgetting to protect valuable items in their gardens?

The Office for National Statistics recently published their latest findings from The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW). The report covers a wide range of victim based crimes suffered by the household population in the year leading up to June 2014.

Included, amongst other criminal offences and referred to as further theft of property, are the number of household thefts from outside a victim’s home. The report states that this classification of theft made up 11% of the overall offences in both England and Wales where a recorded 789,000 incidents took place.

Now, with Christmas only a few weeks away there will be an increase in opportunistic crimes where properties are targeted with the knowledge that gifts, such as bikes, are often stored in sheds and garages.

Secure and Protect Your Property whether inside or out

Padlocks offer a cost effective way to give added protection. The humble padlock is however no longer a simple lock and key affair but instead a more sophisticated solution providing a high security, hassle free answer to theft and unauthorised entry.

At Thornhill we recommend the Mul-T-Lock E-Series Padlock to secure doors on all types of outside buildings and gates. Offering maximum security as well as multiple design features for added reassurances against not only unauthorised entry but physical attack too they really are a simple way to make a big difference.

More Help and Information

At Thornhill Security we supply a range of high security locks for both commercial premises and domestic property. Give us a call today on 0177 967 4994 and speak to one of our security experts for more information or alternatively give our blog a read




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