Chubb Centurion Vaults

Chubb Centurion Vaults give maximum protection for your highest value assets in the form of a walk in strong room or safe.  These vaults are made from a series of lightweight modular panels and high security doors to compose the vault room construction. Both panels and doors are available with eight different security levels, all of which have explosives resistance. The highest levels also offer additional protection against diamond crown drill bits.

The exterior of these vaults can be then be finished with plaster or clad with another material to suit the interior of your building or home. The vault door can be fitted with a grille gate providing added security for the main door.

Key Features of a Chubb Centurion Vault:

  • Consists of modular panels either welded or bolted together
  • Tested and certified by the ECB.S to the latest security standard, CEN 1143-1
  • Can be integrated into various environments including new buildings, existing buildings or used to stregthen strong room units.
  • Available with bespoke design to suit any shape or size (subject to comprehensive site survey).
  • Available in a range of security grades (see the table below).

If you would like to talk with one of our specialist advisers about our vaults – please call us today on 0117 967 4994. We can deliver and install your vault for you with minimum disruption.

Grade Wall thickness 
 Weight per m2 wall, floor, ceiling (Kg)  Max Span (clearance) for a permissible ceiling load of
100 kp/m2 500kp/m2
Euro V 100 360 4000 4000
Euro VI 100 360 4000 4000
Euro VII 100 360 4000 4000
Euro VIII 100 360 4000 4000
Euro IX 150 440 5250 4750
Euro IX KB 150 440 5250 4750
Euro X 150 520 5200 5000
Euro X KB 150 520 5200 5000
Euro XI 220 730 5060 5060
Euro XI KB 220 730 5060 5060
Euro XII 280 920 4960 4960
Euro XII KB 280 920 4960 4960

*free delivery to site at an address on the UK Mainland, or contact us for a quote to have our qualified engineers fully install your safe.

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