Vault Rooms – Protecting High Value Assets

Thornhill Security explains how Vault Rooms can meet rising demands for optimum security from institutions and companies concerned about protecting their high value assets.

An increasing number of institutions and companies are concerned about protecting their high value assets. Banks, pharmaceutical companies and commercial business are examples of those who have recently expressed such concerns.

In response to this issue, a rising number are realising the value of a Vault Room (Hyperlink). Easy to install and packed full of quality features, this bespoke and future-orientated solution is proven to meet the demand for optimum security.

Advantages of Prefabricated Construction:-

  • Fast assembly or disassembly
  • Good utilisation of existing space
  • High volumn of use due to reduced wall thickness
  • Future expansion – the Vault Room can be increased in size by adding more panels
  • Vault Rooms can be supplied to various quality Grades from Grade V to X11 and are tested by the ECBS to the latest security standard CEW 1143-1

How Vault Rooms are Made

A Vault Room consists of modular panels assembled together using a welded method of construction.  On completion, the appearance of the Vault can be improved by traditional methods e.g. plasterboard, cladding or blockwork and plaster finish.  The room is secured by a Vault Door to the same security standard.  Floor and roof panels are manufactured to the same strength as the wall panels.  Roof panels are manufactured to the maximum lengths as provided in the product specification.  Roof panels exceeding the panel lengths will require an internal support structure.  This can be designed to suit the internal layout of the Vault. Each individual panel is supplied with 2 x 21mm diameter cranked entry points to allow access for power, alarm and telephone cables.  Bespoke positions can be specified should the client request.

Vault Room Supply and Installation

Dependant on the project requirements, Vaults can be supplied and installed in both 5-sided and 6-sided structures.  Thornhill Security will work with you through any project, from initial discussion focusing on requirements and objectives.  We will then suggest a design to conform with your needs.  Upon design finalisation, specification and layout, schematic drawings will be raised along with a project schedule.

Installation is carried out by Thornhill Security-trained staff, including handover and instruction on using locking mechanism.

 For a free consultation, call our Vault Room experts on 0117 9674994, or email us at and we’ll get back to you.