Why Use An MLA Approved Locksmith?

When searching for a locksmith, you may have noticed the term MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) on some locksmith’s websites, flyers or other marketing material.

The Master Locksmiths Association are a non-profit organisation and are the largest, most established and longest running Locksmith Association in the UK.

Thornhill Security has been a member of the MLA since 1998, with our MD and Founder, Phil Hill being an approved member since 1973.

So, what is the MLA set up to do? And why should you use an MLA approved locksmith? Find out in our latest blog post.

What Does The MLA Do?

Unlike some industries, there is no official government licensing scheme or industry-wide code of conduct for locksmiths, making it harder for customers to know if their locksmith is professional, competent, reliable and honest.

The MLA is set up to address this, with the aim of improving and promoting standards of conduct, skills and ethics within the industry.

In order to become a member of the MLA, locksmiths must meet the requirements of the MLA’s licensing scheme which includes vetting, CRB checks, regular inspections and ongoing training.

What Are The Benefits of Using An MLA Approved Locksmith?

Established and Trusted – Being established for over 50 years, the MLA is trusted and cited as the leading body for locksmithing by the police, the Home Office, the British Standards Institute, RISC Authority, Neighbourhood Watch and more.

Qualified and Experienced – In order to become MLA approved locksmiths, companies and individuals must demonstrate they have the relevant qualifications, experience and knowledge in order to carry out work to a high standard. Additionally, ongoing training means that these standards are kept high.

Professional Advice – The vast experience and knowledge needed for membership means that you’ll always be able to get accountable, professional and sound advice from MLA approved locksmiths.

Summits and Events – MLA members will be able to attend trade shows, exhibitions and events including the MLA Expo – Europe’s largest locksmith and security exhibition trade show. Attendance of these events keeps locksmiths aware of industry developments, new products and the latest training courses.

Pricing Promise – MLA members must provide customers with a quote before any work commences; this prevents any surprise bills or disputes when the work is completed.

Complaints Procedure – As part of MLA membership, customers have access to a robust complaints procedure meaning if a complaint of dispute is made, the MLA are there as a non-bias third party entity to investigate.

DBS Checked – In order to successfully become an MLA member, locksmiths must undergo a criminal record check.

Thornhill Tip: If you are using a locksmith that is MLA approved, be sure to ask for their MLA ID card before they carry out any work – there have been cases in the past of rogue tradesmen claiming to be MLA approved locksmiths.

Types of MLA Membership

There are three different types of MLA membership, all of which conform to a unified high standard. The different types of membership are:

Personal MembershipFor those that are looking to join the MLA as a personal member. With more than 3 years’ experience, those considering personal membership may opt for the associated locksmith category of membership instead.

Approved Company – In order to become an MLA approved company, applying companies must have at least one nominated person with a qualification in locksmithing.

Affiliate MembershipThe final type of membership is affiliate. This type of membership is designed for supplier to the industry and allows them to market to locksmiths.

MLA Approved Locksmiths Bristol

We’re proud to be MLA approved locksmiths, reassuring our customers that any work completed by us is done to the highest standard. For more information on the Master Locksmiths Association, or any of our services, give one of our expert team a call today on 0117 967 4994.

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