University Students – Don’t Leave Your Valuables At Risk This Term

student security tipsFor those at university, security is probably a low priority – in between lectures, nights out and trying to keep the house clean, many students leave their valuables at risk on a daily basis.

The reality is, one in five students fall victim to a crime while studying at university according to figures from the National Union of Students website.

It’s important to be aware of home and personal security whilst at university, so we’ve come up with a few routines to get into to keep your valuables safe – and products that will assist you in doing so.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe In Your Room

Opportunist burglars target student halls and houses. Shared houses are often filled with expensive items

such as laptops and other tech, burglars will often find rooms are left unlocked or ajar making it a quick and easy job.

Always make sure your room is locked when you’re not in the house, if your lock is broken or you don’t have one, you may be able to talk to your landlord to arrange to have a new one fitted.

As a student, chances are you won’t have the money to fit extra security measures on your door – investing in a domestic safe is a robust and cost effective solution to keeping your valuables safe. Ensure that all your valuables are kept in there when the room is not in use. Our safe customisation service allows you to create a great looking safe that doesn’t compromise on security.

safe customisation service

Preventing Break-ins

Again, opportunist burglars will often check the doors and windows to a property whilst students are out of the house, so ensure they are kept locked shut at all times when not in use. In some cases, burglars will force a door or window open to gain entry to the property – to prevent this, look for a property with a gated driveway and additional window and door security when looking at homes. If you think poor security is leaving you and your valuables at risk, talk to your landlord.

There are also a few easy habits you can get into to secure your home that don’t require any investment:

  • Keep all your valuables out of sight from windows and doors
  • Set your house alarm whenever you leave the house
  • Don’t leave empty boxes of expensive items outside your home – rip them up or take them to a recycling centre
  • Remind your housemates to lock doors/windows before leaving the house
  • If you live in halls, be aware of who you let into the building
  • When you go home, take all your valuable items with you
  • Keep any ladders, wheelie bins or other items a burglar could use to stand on out of sight

Be Aware Of Your Housemates

If you live in a shared house, chances are you know and trust your housemates. However, when living in halls – it’s likely the start of the term will be the first time you’ve met the other students. Whilst nobody’s food is safe from theft in the shared fridge, to prevent stealing of valuables within halls, always keep your door locked, keep your valuables hidden – or invest in a small domestic safe.

If you do suspect one of your housemates may be stealing from you, speak to the management team in your building – or go to the police. Having your valuables insured means you can be reimbursed should your valuables fail to be returned.

Personal Security

Unfortunately, students are occasionally targeted by pickpockets and thieves whilst out and about – especially in the early hours after a night at the pub. To prevent yourself falling victim to a crime, always travel with a friend. If you do find yourself walking home alone at night, walk in well-lit areas, avoiding dodgy looking shortcuts. If you are worried, call a taxi or phone one of your housemates and instruct them to alert somebody if you’re not home before a certain time.

More Help and Information

If you’re worried about your security at university, we offer a wide range of services for both students and landlords hiring out shared accommodation to students. Including replacement of old security systems following a break-in.

For more information about how our products and services may benefit you give one of our friendly team a call on 0117 967 4994.


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