Air B&B Host? Our Top Tips for Securing Your Property

Tips For Securing Your B&B Image - ThornhillShort-term rentals are becoming increasingly popular, and there are a lot of homeowners out there that are finding that they can pull in a tidy income by renting out their homes to guests who prefer a personal approach in comparison to the traditional hotels out there.

Airbnb is a fantastic way to put your spare space to good use, and it’s convenient and easy to use the site for those who have no idea where to start. It’s not always plain sailing, while it may seem really easy: list your property, find tenants over the summer and bring in some cash – it’s not always that simple. All you have to do is search for ‘bad Airbnb guest reviews’ and bam, you’re in the rabbit hole and you end up believing that renting out your house is a bad idea.

From property damage to social media party frenzies, there are horror stories out there. The question is whether you are willing to see past the 5% of stories that are bad in comparison to the 95% of stories about Airbnb guests that are positive. Airbnb does a fantastic job of screening tenants and there are options for cover for some types of property up to $1 million, but they can’t cover everything. There are some things that are up to you to secure yourself, such as your personal information or important documents that you left behind in the rental.

There are ways as an Airbnb host that you can protect yourself against the threats out there, and you absolutely should look into these if you want your home to stay as secure as possible. Below, you will find some of the best tips that we’ve got to protect yourself and your valuables when renting out your property on Airbnb.

  1. Review The Persons Profile Before They Stay. Read Their Reviews

Every single person that connects with you to ask you about your property has a profile of their own. Owners will review them as a guest, letting you know whether they are a good guest or one who has treated their home with disrespect. Reading their reviews can give you a good idea of whether they are a trustworthy guest for your property. Guest security is paramount, but you still need them to be good people so that your own security is considered.

  1. Keep Anything You Can’t Take With You Locked In A Safe.

While the main advice is to take your documents and your personal effects out of the rental and into the property that you actually live in, sometimes that’s not a possibility. If you are not able to bring all of your personal belongings to you, then you need to install a domestic safe into somewhere in the property. You can either install your safe into the wall or go down underneath the floorboards.

  1. Use A Key Deposit Box.

Some guests prefer to self-check-in and sometimes you won’t be able to greet your guest in person. Providing a key deposit box is going to mean that you can keep up with your air b&b security, as you can hide this box somewhere on the property and ensure that your guests are secure as is your property. As well as the security factors, using a key deposit box can be much more convenient for hosts and guests.

For example, we supply this Burton high-security key safe and cover which is approved by police, insurance and the loss prevention council making it perfect for a B&B situation.

  1. Don’t Rely On The Host Guarantee Alone.

Airbnb offers all of their hosts an insurance plan which covers against theft and damage. This, however, doesn’t cover everything. It’s a policy that you should read thoroughly and you need to have a clear understanding of the whole thing. Knowing what you are responsible for as a host is vital. You should never skimp out on the insurance for your property, ensuring that yours covers damages that are caused by your guests. You can also get a secondary insurance option for theft cover. Make sure that you arrange your own coverage!

  1. Provide A Hotel Safe For The Guest.

While you’re worrying about the safety of your own belongings, you need to think of the guests, too. They may be the best guests you’ve ever had, but that doesn’t mean that your property is safe from outsiders trying to get in. If you have a safe for their specific use, you’re thinking about your guest security. This can give you the edge over other hosts because you’re offering the added value of security.

For example, this Chubb Air Laptop Safe is compact and perfect for securing devices such as laptops, tablets and phones.

  1. Connect With Your Guests

One thing that you need to do before your guests get to the property is to answer all specific questions that guests may have about your property. They’re then required to send an ID proof before they can confirm their booking with you. Once you’ve had this confirmation and their payment for your property has been made, you can arrange to contact them on the phone and arrange to meet face to face. This is something that’s always highly recommended as if people can develop a personal connection with you, they’re far more likely to respect your home.

  1. Eyes Everywhere

You can add security to your property by getting a friend, family or even fellow local renters to keep an eye on the property while you’re not in the area. This can help you to be sure that everything is in order during the rental and it would help you to keep an added layer of security on the property when you cannot be there.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Wi-Fi

The rise of cyber attacks is concerning, and while you’re worrying about all the other ways that your property is secure from threats, you shouldn’t forget your Wi-Fi. Attacks on your network are not ideal, and you can use software like Fingbox to monitor how many people are using your Wi-Fi at once. It’s a great way to tell whether a large number of people are connected, which can indicate a party in your home and help you to be on the ball.

Talk to the Experts

If you’re a b&b owner, considering being one or just want to beef up your security for your rental property, we can help. With a range of security products designed to address the security challenges faced by b&b owners – why not call one of our expert team a call today on 0117 967 4994 for advice.

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