Till Safes

Till Safes or Till Drawer Safes provide a secure place for retailers to store the cash drawers or till contents overnight or when the cash registers are not in use.  Rather than having to empty the cash drawers every night to store the cash away in a safe – the cash drawers are simply lifted from the cash register and placed on the shelves of the safe at the end of the day. This is not only easy and convenient but means the shop can be closed down quicker and more efficiently and of course prevents thieves from raiding tills if they had managed to enter the building.

The safes come in various sizes, so store 4 or more till drawers. Some have adjustable or removable shelves to accommodate different sizes of till drawers. The safes can be wall or floor mounted depending on your requirements. The safes come with various cash ratings to provide different levels of security.

At Thornhill we have many retail clients.

Give us a call at Thornhill Security today on 0117 9674994, and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisers about our range of till safes. We will deliver your safe for FREE to UK mainland. If you require installation, we can give you a quote for that for full peace of mind.

Alternatively you can view a selection of our till safes below.

Further Help and Advice

For more information about our range of Till Safes give us a call on 0117 9674994. Additionally you can find more information on our FAQ and blog pages.