Thornhill called in to remove safe from remains of Cardiff Garden Centre

The team at Thornhill was contacted last month to remove and secure the cash safe and its contents from the remains of the Cardiff Blooms Garden Centre after it was devastated by a large fire.

The fire broke out on 20th November at 10:20pm and took fire fighters nearly 5 hours to put out.  Almost 70% of the building was destroyed by the blaze including the contents of the administrative offices containing the company safe.

As a specialist safe removal company we were contacted on the morning of the 21st November to remove the safe from the remains of the premises, once deemed safe by fire fighters, in order to secure the contents from any attempts to remove them from the site.  That afternoon the safe was removed from the site.

Fortunately the company were using a high grade safe which would have provided protection for the contents in the fire although the extent of any damage will depend on the exact nature of what was held within the safe and the duration of the fire. We are happy to report that all of the contents were saved.

The benefits of choosing a fire safe

Selecting a fire resistant or fire proof safe for your business or home provides additional protection for the contents in the event of a fire and can be used to protect cash takings, important documents and data backups.

The extent of any damage to the contents will depend on their nature as well as the severity and duration of the fire and the level of fire protection provided by the safe itself.

The storage of till data and other sales information is particularly important in addition to any actual cash held as it will greatly assist with the calculation of any losses for insurance purposes. In the event of cash being destroyed and records not available losses will be calculated based on average takings which can vary significantly.

Important things to consider when purchasing a fire safe

When selecting a fire resistant safe or use within your business or home there are a number of things to take into consideration;

  • The nature of the contents being stored will determine the size and type of safe or cabinet required
  • The length of time of fire resistance being provided – naturally the longer the period of time the greater the protection provided
  • The cash rating of the safe – an important factor in determining the level of any insurance cover provided

Further information and advice

We offer a wide range of fire resistant safes and cabinets suitable for all requirements.  Our full range can be viewed here.

Alternatively contact our team on 0117 9674994 for free impartial advice about the most suitable fire resistant safe or data cabinet for your needs.

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