The Dangers of Safe Removal Without the Aid of a Professional

Safe LockWe understand that it might be tempting to gather a group of friends or colleagues and attempt to move your safe from one location to another. Despite small hallways and a number of stairs you still believe you can give it a good go. However, with this mind set you are likely putting yourself and others in danger of a number of risks.

In fact, just last month we heard of a case similar to the above which ended in disaster. Therefore we wanted to explain to you the importance of hiring a professional team to aid in the relocation and removal of your existing safe. Read on for more information:

Trapped: Recent Safe Removal Disaster

Last month two fire crews as well as paramedics were called to the scene of an accident at the Old Rectory in Marston Bigot near Frome. Two men, aged 45 and 62 were attempting to lift a four foot high, one-tonne steel safe into the cellar of the building. Unfortunately due to the weight and their lack of professional ability the safe fell on to the men, trapping them.

One of the men managed to wriggle himself free and call for help. Due to the location and consequent difficulty to access with appropriate equipment it took 2 hours to free the second man from beneath the safe.

The Shepton Mallet Journal reported on the incident:

They were eventually released with the help of both crews, who used step blocks and strops in the rescue.

Paramedics treated them at the scene and one was taken to Bath’s Royal United Hospital, the other was airlifted to Southmead Hospital, in Bristol.

Whilst the reports do not state whether the men involved were professional or not, the story reiterates the importance of having the correct training in such circumstances. Significant in weight and bulky in size moving a safe is tough, therefore professional safe removers are a much-needed resource to preventing injury.

Professional Removals

Even professional furniture removal companies may not be trained to move safes and other heavy security items such as fireproof cabinets. There is a big difference between lifting a sofa or desk and moving a large steel safe. There is of course not only a danger to the people moving the safe but if dropped, a safe or cabinet like this can cause extensive damage to the floor, stairs or building if moved incorrectly. There is also the likely hood that the safe itself may be damaged and then rendered useless in terms of the protection it offers. Not a risk worth taking!

Here at Thornhill Security we certainly advise that an untrained individual should not take on such a task. Instead opt for professional safe removals with extensive manpower, the correct equipment and knowledge.

At Thornhill we don’t just sell safes but also offer a complete after sales service which includes the removal, relocation, or re-sitting of existing safes. There are a number of details which need to be considered which you may not even be aware of including:

  • Type of safe
  • Where the safe is situation within the building
  • If the safe is located upstairs can I use a lift or is there stairs? What is the maximum weight capacity of the lift? How many flights of stairs are there?
  • What are the measurements of stairwells, hallways, and door frames?
  • Take into account other risks such as Asbestos which can be found in some older models.

More Advice and Information

If you are moving home, relocation your office, or simply are in need or moving your existing safe give the team at Thornhill Security a call on 0117 967 4994 for more help and information. Don’t risk injury or damage and bring in a professional instead.

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