Strongroom Doors

Secure valuable assets with a high-security strongroom door

Strongroom doors provide vital protection for vaults, panic rooms, prefabricated strongrooms and other sensitive areas including security enclosures and cash transit rooms.

They are designed to withstand the highest level of attacks and are used to protect high-value items for banks, jewellers, hotels, art dealers and individuals who wish to secure multiple assets.

At Thornhill Security, we provide a complete service for strongroom doors including supply, installation and ongoing maintenance.

We stock high quality strongroom doors from British and European manufacturers suitable for a number of building restrictions as well as varying levels of security requirements.

Strongroom Doors from Leading Manufacturers

Take a look at a selection of our extensive range of strongroom doors below.

Security Features of our Strongroom Door Range

Our range of strongroom doors brings the next level of security to vaults and strongrooms, with extensive security features including:

  • Anti-explosive devices
  • Grille gates
  • Heat resistant materials
  • Double locking systems
  • Protection against diamond core drilling
  • Range of locking systems including mechanical, key and combination and electronic
  • Can be linked to an alarm system

Need a Strongroom Removing or Relocating?

If you have a strongroom that is no longer required, or if you would like to move it to another premises, we provide a strongroom removal and relocation service.

With dedicated lifting equipment, our fully trained and accredited team can help move your strongroom without outsourcing to other contractors.

Help & Advice

If you are looking to secure high-value items, a strongroom door to protect a vault or strongroom is the ultimate security solution.

Our expert team can help recommend a suitable strongroom door based on your requirements and we can assist with every stage of the design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of your strongroom.

To find out more, give one of our team a call today on 0117 967 4994, fill out a contact form or come and visit our fully stocked security shop.