Strongroom Doors

Strong room doors provide vital protection for vaults, strong rooms and other sensitive areas such as security enclosures and cash transit rooms. They are ideally suited to protect high value assets for banks, jewellers and hotels as well as individuals who wish to secure a multitude of items.

At Thornhill Security we supply top brands from manufacturers including Chubb, Burton and SMP suitable for a number of building restrictions as well as varying levels of security requirements. Available with a range of extensive security features such as anti-explosive devices, grille gates, heat resistant materials and double locking systems you can expect nothing but unrivalled protection.

At Thornhill Security we can assist you when choosing the right product for all your valuables and offer advice on the installation of your strongroom door. For more information give our team a call today and speak to one of our security experts on 0117 9674994

Alternatively you can view a selection of Strongroom Doors below.

Further Help and Advice

For more information, give our team at Thornhill Security a call and they can assist you with all your needs. Additionally you can also view our FAQ and blog pages where you’ll find a wealth of security information