Steel Security Doors

Secure Your Premises with a Steel Security Door

Constructed of high-quality steel, a security door provides extra protection for homes and businesses against break-ins to the front or rear of the property.

Unlike ordinary front doors made from materials such as timber, uPVC or composite, a steel security door cannot be forced open with basic tools, preventing burglars from quickly gaining entry to the property.

Steel security doors can be used in a range of commercial environments including shops, garages, warehouses, jewellers, offices, pharmaceutical companies and more. They can also provide extra security for residential premises.

At Thornhill Security, we stock the top brands of steel security door from the best manufacturers and can help with every step of having a security door installed at your home or workplace.

Steel Security Doors Leading Manufacturers

Our steel security doors range includes products from leading manufacturers. Our range includes:

Features & Benefits of Steel Security Doors

High-security steel doors offer several benefits compared to traditional doors:

  • Security – Made of steel with a reinforced frame, steel doors do not crack under impact, feature an anti-jemmy bar lip to prevent crowbar entry, flat stainless steel thresholds and are drill resistant.
  • Maintenance – Due to the steel construction which is often galvanised, steel security doors require very little to no maintenance.
  • Fire Resistance – Unlike doors made from composite, timber or uPVC, steel security doors are completely fire-resistant and can be fitted with additional fire protection and safety features.
  • Locks – Our high-security steel door sets come with a range of locking systems from 12 point locking mechanisms to multi-lock systems.

  • Insulation – Steel security doors provide a high level of insulation as standard and are more energy-efficient than traditional doors. This insulation also offers protection against unwanted noise.
  • Styles – Steel security doors are available in a wide range of finishes, glazing shapes, designs, and colours to complement the aesthetics of your premises.

To find out more about the benefits of steel security doors, take a look at our blog post explaining why you should consider a steel security door.

Fire Protection & Safety Features

As well as being fire-resistant, steel security doors can be fitted with additional features to improve the safety of the building and its users.

If your security doors are needed for a commercial building, we can fit them with panic bars for quick release allowing personnel to escape quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency.

We have a full range of fire exit steel security doors and can arrange professional installation for all of our products.

Steel Security Door Supplier Bristol

If you are looking to protect your home or businesses entry points, a high-quality steel security door is a robust and reliable solution.

Our expert team can help you at every stage of having a new steel security door fitted – from initial consultation through to installation and aftercare.

To find out more, give one of our team a call today on 0117 967 4994, fill out a contact form or come and visit our fully stocked security shop in Bristol.