Burton Signal Blocker Pouch

With the advancement in personal technology such as mobile phones, the way crimes are committed has changed. Tech-savvy criminals are able to manipulate and interfere with signals, copy credit cards, steal vehicles and gain access to private information; all without making physical contact.

The signal blocker pouch from Burton is a modern solution to modern methods of crime, enabling users to block any incoming and outgoing Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, GSM and 4G signal simply by placing the device in a pouch.

At A Glance: Key Features of the Burton Signal Blocker Pouch

The key features this signal blocker pouch include:

  • Police preferred specification.
  • Designed to fit all makes and models of fobs, keys and mobile phones.
  • Tested with a 99% success rate to block all signals.
  • Blocks GPS tracking.
  • Double stitched reinforced seams to prevent tampering and breakage.
  • Made from specialist RPF material.
  • Prevents distractions and scratches to mobile

Keyless Vehicle Theft Prevention

Keyless vehicle theft, also known as ‘relay theft’ takes advantage of cars that have keyless entry and go system whereby the car can be started and driven when the key is nearby, negating the need to put it into the ignition.

Whilst convenient, this system can be exploited by thieves, who use amplifiers and transmitters to enhance the car key’s signal and ‘trick’ the car into thinking the key is nearby – this method can be carried out even if the key is in a locked house on a key hook.

Leaving your keys in a signal blocker pouch overnight is a robust method of defence against these attacks, preventing the key’s signal from exposure to amplification or other interference.

Prevents Credit Card Fraud

Whilst credit and debit cards have made making payments almost anywhere much more convenient, they have opened up new methods of crime.

Using apps freely available on popular smartphone app stores, criminals are able to copy data from contactless cards in seconds simply by holding their smartphone close to the card.

Using an RFID signal blocker prevents any signals from reaching your credit or debit card, keeping your details save from cloning.

Distraction Free Driving

Even with the new 6 point penalty, it’s clear that phones are a major distraction on the roads; with figures obtained by the Press Association revealing that 200 drivers per day were caught using their phone illegally in the 4 weeks following the new penalty.

In addition to being a robust security measure against modern crime, the Burton signal blocker pouch can prevent accidents on the roads by preventing calls, texts and other messages being received or sent.

More Help and Information

If you’re concerned about the security of your keyless entry car, contactless card or mobile device, the Burton signal blocker pouch could benefit you. For more information, give one of our team a call today on 0117 967 4994.

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