Specialist Extendor Security Cages At Thornhill Security

Rings at a jewellers If you work in or own a premises where high-value items or cash are kept onsite, you will likely have a security measure such as a safe in place to ensure that these items are protected from theft.

Whilst safes have their place, they are not always practical for securely storing bulk items such as medication, jewellery, weapons, IT equipment and precious metals.

At Thornhill Security, we have a range of products designed to keep these items safe – including our range of Extendor security cages. Find out more about these security cages and their benefits in this post.


Key Features Of Extendor Security Cages

Our Extendor security cages are customisable and can be manufactured to meet almost any requirement. The main features and benefits of these security cages include:

  • Bolt cutter resistant – cannot be broken into with basic tools.
  • Made to measure – can be manufactured to fit almost any size of room.
  • Fire detection – fire detection and climate control measures can be added to these cages.
  • Light weight – the lightweight construction means it can be installed on higher stories without compromising the integrity of the building.
  • Security door – can be fitted onto the cage as an extra security measure.
  • Suppression system – ventilation provided by open matrix construction.

Exterior of security cage Security cage from Thornhill

Our range of Extendor security cages includes the Eclipse, the Elite and the Vulcan:

ModelSecurity Rating
EliteLPS 1175 Security rating 2 (uncertified)
VulcanLPS 1175 Security Rating 2
EclipseLPS 1175 Security Rating 3

Common Applications Of Extendor Security Cages

Our Extendor security cages are used in a number of different scenarios and environments:

Pharmaceutical Companies – With drugs and expensive medications around, pharmaceutical companies can be a target for break ins. Installing a security room allows you to keep stock secure without having to store them in multiple safes, which is not only impractical but can also cause damage to stock.

We have recently installed a security cage in a pharmaceutical company in Cambridge to create a secure indoor compound to store their stock.

ArmouriesMilitary bases, shooting clubs and cadet schools will all have numerous firearms on site. Whilst a gun safe is a good measure, they rarely come in large enough sizes to secure the amount of firearms needed. Security cages allow you to create an armoury and can be doubled up with a strong room door for maximum security.

Precious Metals – In factories, there may be a need to store precious metals. Again, a safe is not a practical way to do this as it can damage the metal and will not provide enough storage space. A security cage allows factory owners to keep the precious metals in their original containers, then simply store in the cage.

Jewellers – Jewellers often have a lot of stock in their shops, and high street shop windows are easy to break; making them an easy target for thieves. A security cage could be stored in the reception or back room of the shop to ensure jewellery is safe when unattended.

Server Rooms – IT equipment such as servers are very expensive and can be hard to secure. Keeping your server room in a security cage means that both the equipment and the data it stores is secure. Additionally, the natural ventilation will ensure the equipment doesn’t get too hot. You could also add fire detection sensors to the cage which would alert you to any overheating.

Help From The Experts

At Thornhill, we are constantly on the lookout for products that make our customer’s lives easier and safer, from initial phone call to installation – we will be on hand to ensure that your requirements are met.

If you’re interested in an Extendor security cage, or want to find out more about any of our other specialist products, give one of our expert team a call on 0117 967 4994.

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