A Spate of Stolen Cars Calls For Higher Security

In recent weeks residents in the Kingswood and Fishpond areas of Bristol have been targeted by thieves breaking into homes in order to acquire car keys before driving off with the vehicle parked on the drive.

Police are warning residents across Bristol of the consequences when leaving valuables in plain sight as it is suggested that those burgled had left items in easy reach of unsecured doors and windows. There were even 3 incidents where thieves attained car keys through cat flaps.

Fortunately 15 of the 18 stolen vehicles have been recovered and returned to their owners, but this recent spate of burglaries calls for more security measures in place at home.

Keep Your Keys Secure And Out Of Sight

In the run up to Christmas many homes are easy targets. So rather than facing disruption to your home this Winter make sure your keys, as well as other small valuables such as phonesphoenix_safes.png are secured away and out of sight.

Why not take a look at these new Phoenix Compact Home or Office safes?

For just £29.99 (including VAT) these compact safes are an ideal solution for securing your keys and other belongings, offering £1,000 cash cover and protection of valuables up to £10,000

Available in three bright colours rather than the usual grey of traditional safes, they offer a simple user friendly digital lock with a key override facility. Programmable with an easy to remember personal code, the safe has a built in tamper lockout system which freezes the lock once an incorrect combination has been entered 3 times consecutively.

The Phoenix safe is built with a 3mm steel plate and 1mm body with concealed internal hinges for added security. Ideal for offices deposit models are also available with an 80mm x 3mm slot for coins, bank notes and paper slips.


More Information and Help

So rather than leave it up to chance this Christmas, secure your belongings and avoid being an easy target for thieves with an excellent compact safe. Give us a call on 0117 967 4994 for more information and advice when purchasing your Phoenix safe. Alternatively, you’ll find lots of information on our blog