Shop Security and a Visit To Trinity College In Cambridge For Thornhill Security

Thornhill took a trip to the Trinity College in Cambridge last week. Whilst at the venue, we installed a safe in a nearby shop – under the watchful eye of Henry VIII.

Installing a safe in a commercial property is just one way to keep money and valuables safe from intruders all the year round. Read on to find out more about how to protect your commercial premises…

Prevent Crime At Your Commercial Property This Winter Time

Unfortunately, throughout the Christmas period, we see increased reports of theft and break ins at commercial properties including supermarkets, offices and other shops. This is generally because these premises are left vacant across the holiday periods with limited security measures in place. Here are a few of our top tips for keeping your commercial property secure throughout the winter period:

Deterrents – Deterrents are one of the most effective methods to prevent attempted break ins, anti-theft equipment such as security lights, CCTV systems, security mirrors and even simple signage warning that the premises is equipped with an alarm are a simple and cost effective solution to deter break ins.

Commercial Safes – A quality commercial safe is one of the most popular options for businesses looking to protect any cash, documents or other valuables that may be left on their premises. We have a range of commercial safes available with various cash and fire ratings. If you’re unsure which safe is best for you, we can review your requirements and recommend the most suitable safe for your business.

Steel Security Doors – The doors of a property are the most obvious, and most common entry point for intruders. Unfortunately, many doors today can be broken in with tools, or force alone. Our range of steel security doors are designed to be impenetrable without the use of specialist tools. With a range of multi-point locking mechanisms, they are both drill and impact proof – and feature an anti-jemmy bar to prevent forced entry with a crowbar – one of the most common tools used for break-ins.

Internal Security – Another common cause of theft in commercial properties comes from within the workforce. Whilst you may trust your staff completely, it may be a good idea to upgrade your locks to key registration to put you in control of your keys and upgrading your security to a more secure lock.  Another way of controlling keys is the fitting of a key cabinet, which we can provide in various quality standards.

Security Services For Commercial Properties 

Safe hire – Whilst a safe is usually a worthwhile investment for your business – it can be an expensive one, particularly for small businesses who may not reap the benefits of having a safe all year round.

Our safe rental service allows customers to hire a safe from us on a temporary basis, for a fraction of the cost. In most cases we recommend purchase of a safe over rental, however, if your business is going to be left unprotected over a holiday, our safe hire service might be the perfect solution for you.

Safe repair and upgrade –  Make a new years resolution that benefits your business, January is the perfect time to review your current security solutions and ensure they are in working order. Whatever problems you may be experiencing with your safe, our team of experts are on hand to ensure it continues providing a high level of security, without the cost of purchasing a new one.

Talk To The Experts Today 

Our team of security experts are here to help you purchase the most suitable security measures for your premises this festive period. From product recommendation to expert installation, we work with schools, pubs and clubs, offices and more to ensure a secure solution every time. For more information and advice, give us a call on 0117 967 4994.

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