Safe Opening / Cracking

Thornhill security data cabinetsGaining access to a safe that has been locked shut is not an easy task; after all they are designed to be impenetrable without a key or code. In addition to this, the advancements in safe technology have made gaining access to a locked safe almost impossible without specialist knowledge and equipment.

At Thornhill Security, we offer a full safe opening service, whether you discover a safe when moving into new premises, or have lost the keys or access code to your own safe, we can help.

Unlike many locksmiths, we are, in some cases, able to manipulate safe locks in order to open them without causing excessive damage to the lock, meaning the safe will still function after being opened. If the keys have been stolen, we are also able to replace the locks and provide you with new keys.

Common Reasons for Safe Opening

The majority of safe opening callouts we attend are for the simple reason that the keys have been lost, stolen or damaged and the spare key is locked inside the safe. Other common reasons we get a call for a safe to be opened include:

  • Battery of an electronic safe lock has run out
  • Safe found during renovation or moving to a new home or work premises
  • Safe deadlocked after failed attempted opening
  • Combination lost or forgotten
  • Failed combination change
  • Snapped spindle or broken/faulty bolt work
  • Safe locked open
  • Damaged wiring

What Is The Cost Of Safe Opening?

The cost of safe opening will depend completely on your situation in some cases it could be a simple repair or in other cases opening could require more specialist tools to be used.  Here are a couple of factors that will affect the price of having your safe opened:

  • Make and model of safe
  • Cash rating of the safe
  • Reason for the safe being locked
  • Whether the safe has been attacked
  • Whether the safe has been tampered with

Talk To the Experts

Do you need a safe opened? At Thornhill Security, we can open all models of commercial, domestic and gun safes from leading manufacturers including SMP, Chubb, Dudleys, Burton and more. For more information on our safe opening service, call one of our expert team today on 0117 9674994.