Demountable Vault and Strongroom Removal

Vault Removal Company Bristol

Demountable Vaults and strongrooms are all about ultimate security in a sizable space where a standard sized safe would not suffice. The installation of vaults or strongrooms are ideal when you have a lot of data, items or assets that you need to ensure are locked up securely and are only accessible by those with the appropriate authority.

We typically see these types of industrial-sized security products used by organisations such as banks, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, art dealers, auction houses and more.

A demountable vault or strongroom removal is generally required when the structure is taking up too much space, is no longer required or is present in the premises when purchased.  Also a demountable vault can be added to a premises and can be made bigger, at a later date, if a larger space is required.

Vault and Strongroom Removals

We recognise that needs and circumstances change and that relocation or complete removal of vaults and strongrooms may be necessary. However, removal or relocation of these structures is not a straightforward process – it requires specialist knowledge and equipment so we understand it can be difficult to know where to go or who to trust.

We offer our customers a comprehensive solution from start to finish so you only need to deal with one contractor throughout your vault or strongroom removal, saving you time and money.

To ensure that your experience is hassle-free and runs smoothly, our experts manage every aspect of the project, ensuring you are not left waiting for various contractors to turn up throughout the removal.

Method for Removing Vaults and Strongrooms

Typically, we will dig out the vault door and frame or remove the panel’s dependant on the original design and specification. On some occasions, you may find that you only need to remove the door.

We will then carry out the rest of the task based on what you want or need. If relocation is necessary, we can arrange and sort that too as part of offering you a complete solution.

You can be certain that everyone we appoint to carry out these tasks will be fully trained on the appropriate health and safety procedures and will recognise any risks associated with the removal of your vault or strongroom.

Speak to the Experts

We work day in and day out with security products to ensure that you and your business assets and supplies are fully protected. We are fully confident that we can work with you in the most efficient and cost effective way to help you or your business remove your vault or strongroom.

If you’d like to further talk to our experts about your requirements, please give our friendly team a call on 0117 967 4994.