Security Tips When Moving Home

Mortgage applications, meetings with estate agents, credit checks and hundreds of forms to fill out. We understand that security might not be at the forefront of your mind when moving home.

In our latest blog, we’ll look at some of the security features you should be on the lookout for in your new property. Security additions you can make yourself, as well as tips for protecting your belongings throughout the moving process.

Security Considerations When Buying a New House  

When moving into a new home, you’ll first want to assess the home’s current security measures. Consider doing the following before committing to a purchase:

  • Assess the neighbourhood, you may find some use in talking to your ‘would be’ neighbours.
  • Ask your estate agent about the current security features the home has in place, e.g. secure windows and doors with British standard locks.
  • Ensure that current security features are valid with your home insurance company.
  • Check to see if the property has a functioning security alarm system installed.
  • Assess the security of the garden (if applicable), check to see if any fences or gates are in stable condition.

How to Protect Valuables Whilst Moving House

Once you’ve committed to a property, you’ll need to consider how you are safely going to transport all your belongings into your new home, as well as protect any sensitive data you may have. Follow these tips to ensure a stress free move:

  • Many moving companies won’t take liability for items valued over a certain amount, keep these items in a safe or leave them with a trusted family member or friend.
  • Don’t announce your move on social media.
  • Ensure that your belongings are not stored in the moving van overnight, these are common targets to thieves.
  • Keep all your moving documents such as mortgage letters in a secure safe, locked filing cabinet or similar.
  • Update your address with your bank to ensure no sensitive documents arrive at your old address. You may use the Royal Mail redirection service or similar to ensure all post arrives at your new address.
  • If you have a bulky safe to dispose or relocate – be sure to read our guide to safely relocating your safe

Extra Security You Can Add To a New Home

Once you’re settled into your new property, you may wish to upgrade the security features to keep yourself and your belongings safe, here are a few additional security features you may consider implementing:

Change of locks – Many overlook how many spare keys may have been given out to the friends and family of old residents may still be in circulation; according to the Office for National Statistics, you’re twice as likely to be burgled in the first 12 months of moving home, so it’s certainly worth considering.

If you’re prone to losing keys or you have teenage children who do, a keyless digital lock might be better suited for you. Pictured below is the Yale Digital Lock, a secure modern digital lock with touch screen pad.

yale codelock digital keyless lock

Domestic Safe – The most commonly stolen items in domestic burglaries are mobile phones, jewellery, cash, laptops, car keys and other high value items that are easily found, stolen and sold.

A domestic safe is a secure solution for protecting these goods, burglars will rarely have the time or tools to break them open and get to the valuables inside.

Pictured below is a small selection of safes from our extensive range of domestic safes (left to right) including the Chubb Zeta with a cash rating of £6,000, Chubb Air with a cash rating of £1,000 and more discreet Hamber Econominder floor safe with a cash rating of £4,000.

range of domestic safes from Thornhill

Security Grille – Security grilles can be fitted to any interior or exterior window or door. They add an extra layer of security to your homes entrances are likely to put off any burglars.

extendor security grilles
Extendor Security Grilles

Shed Security – If your new home has a shed, you’ll want to make sure it’s secure. Start with a strong padlock, you will find lots of useful tips in our ultimate guide to securing your shed.

Heavy Duty Mul-T-Lock Padlock

Tip – If you’re looking to sell your home, investing in security can help attract more potential buyers and sell your home quicker at a higher price.

Talk To the Experts

If you’re looking to secure your new home, we can help. With a huge range of locks, domestic safes and other more specialist security products available – give one of our expert team a call today on 0117 967 4994 to find out how we can help you secure your property.

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