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Established in 1983, Rhino Doors quickly proved themselves as a manufacturer of high quality security doors and now produce a complete range of doors to suit any security requirement.

Rhino’s products are trusted in the most demanding environments in sectors such as transport, defence and infrastructure where security is of critical importance.

At Thornhill Security, we supply a range of Rhino products and can offer recommendations and advice on their security doors.

Rhino security doors from Thornhill Security
Rhino Security Steel doors from Thornhill security

Rhino Security Doors  

From their factory in Wales, Rhino manufactures pre-engineered sliding and folding security doors and bespoke options. Their core product ranges include:

  • Performance – A selection of doors designed with features including attack, blast, ram and ballistic resistance. This range of doors also offers acoustic attenuation which is ideal for noisy environments.
  • Environment – The environment range protects against the elements with air pressure and flood resistance as well as attack resistance. This range of doors also offers acoustic attenuation.
  • Fire & Blast – Specially designed doors that offer up to 240 minutes of fire resistance and blast resistance. Fire doors from Rhino are typically designed and tested to EN1634-1 which requires doors to be exposed to temperatures of up to 13000c for up to 4 hours.

Security doors from Rhino are available with options including sliding or folding design and which way the doors open, these can be customised based on your needs.  Steel security doors offer the next level of premises security when compared to ordinary doors which are typically made from timber, uPVC or composite.  As well as superior security, steel doors require little to no maintenance, offer fire resistance, come with a range of locking solutions, offer insulation and are available in a wide range of styles.  If you own commercial premises or want to secure your home, upgrading to a steel security door will improve the security of your entry points significantly.

As an approved supplier of Rhino Doors, we can offer a wide selection of steel security doors from Rhino to our customers.  Our security experts are familiar with Rhino products and can recommend the best options for you based on your unique requirements.

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