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Gunnebo is a provider of security products and services designed to protect buildings, valuables and people.

With over 3,300 employees operating in 25 countries, Gunnebo is one of the most recognised security brands globally and currently supplies products to 115 countries.

At Thornhill Security, we stock and supply a wide selection of Gunnebo security products and can help with advice and recommendations relating to their security solutions.

Gunnebo products from Thornhill Security

Gunnebo Security Products

Gunnebo offers an extensive range of security products to customers worldwide.  At Thornhill Security, we supply Gunnebo security products including:

  • Safe Deposit Lockers – Mechanical safe deposit lockers to offer guests a secure and reliable way to store their belongings.
  • Strong Rooms – Rooms with a high security rating to protect against forced entry, drills and explosives.
  • Vault Doors – Doors for vaults when the highest level of security is required to protect businesses against burglary, forced entry and explosives.
  • Electronic Locks – Electronic locking systems for strongrooms and vault doors.

Gunnebo products are designed for use in many industries including retail, public transport, commercial, banking and more with their offering specialised to meet the unique needs of these sectors.  

Shop Gunnebo Products at Thornhill Security

At Thornhill Security, we supply a range of Gunnebo products and can provide installation services.  Our expert team knows the Gunnebo range inside and out, allowing them to make the best recommendations based on your security requirements and budget.

To find out more, give one of our team a call today on 0117 967 4994, fill out a contact form or visit our fully stocked security shop.

Gunnebo Products

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“Once again my sincere thanks to your and your very professional team for removing the five money safes from the cellar. The whole operation went so unbelievably smoothly without a scratch on any of the walls or doorways. '
Mr Jones
Somerton, Somerset
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