churchill logoChurchill Safes, a member of the Gunnebo Security Group, is recognised as a leading brand for the manufacture of underfloor and wall safes.

Not only are they the only manufacturer of high security floor safes in the UK but they have also been designing and manufacturing high security steel floors for over 30 years. Their comprehensive underfloor range includes a number of different security solutions to suit all of your requirements including the only Grade 3 underfloor safe in the world (Euro Emerald). Their ranges comprises both security safes to protect cash and valuables, and deposit safes which allow you to deposit cash, via a tube, without needing to open the safe door.

Their range of easy to fit wall safes come in three sizes designed to replace bricks in a solid brick wall. They come with a key lock as standard, although you may choose to opt for a dial combination or electronic digital lock.

Thornhill Security’s team of experts can provide free advice on all aspects of underfloor security and help you select an underfloor safe that is right for you. Contact us on 0117 9674994