chubbsafes logoChubbsafes are probably one of the most well-known names within the security industry and have been providing quality security solutions for over 200 years.

Chubbsafes are appreciated for their unique combination of reliability, robustness and modern design. Their product range includes quality products that protect cash, valuables, data and documents suitable for small commercial companies to the largest financial institutions. All of their products can be customised with a large range of options (e.g. locking, fittings and deposit facilities) to meet your security needs.

Chubbsafe, as a member of the Gunnebo Security Group, provide products that are renowned for their quality and which are independently tested.

As an approved supplier of Chubbsafes security products and having worked with them for over 40 years our experienced security staff at Thornhill Security know all there is to know about the Chubbsafes product range and can give you advice on the right safe with the right options to meet your exact requirements.

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