Security Grilles

In any building, standard doors and windows alone do not offer adequate protection to prevent intruders from entering.  This is where security grilles can provide a versatile additional level of protection whilst still allowing both light and fresh air into your home or commercial premises.

At Thornhill we offer a range of security grilles which can be used on doors, windows, garages and shop fronts as well as internally to gate off and provide additional security for specific high risk areas.

Security grilles are extremely robust, fully retractable and even whilst locked in the closed position, maintain excellent light levels. They are also aesthetically pleasing so can be used in both domestic and commercial premises providing additional security without a heavy handed approach detracting from the ambience of the room or look of a building.  As such they offer an elegant solution to the objections of planning officers to standard roller shutters.

Additionally, in high risk burglary areas or for retail premises with high value stock the installation of security grilles across windows and doors can help to bring down the cost of insurance premiums and save money in the medium to long term.  In fact, many business insurance companies insist on such measures for all retail premises to provide added protection against smash and grab crime and ram-raiders.

In addition to protecting the property and its contents security grilles can provide peace of mind for people living alone, especially those in single floor properties or more remote areas.  On warm summer evenings when people want to keep windows and French doors open to let in a cooling breeze having a security grille in place can help them feel less vulnerable or sleep soundly in the knowledge that they are safe from unwanted intruders.

Our preferred range of security grilles are manufactured by Extendor.  They are custom made to suit and fit any opening and are maintenance free, powder coated and easy to clean.

To find out more about how installing security grilles could provide additional protection for your home or commercial premises, contact our team today on 0117 9674994.

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Further Help and Advice

For more help and information when purchasing the right security system for you, speak to one of our security experts by calling 0117 9674994. Alternatively you can take a look at our FAQ and blog page where you’ll find many helpful tips and articles.