Security Grilles: Keeping You Secure At All Times

door 300x200 1Ensuring the security of your home or business property should be of the highest concern. Did you know that it only takes 12 minutes for a thief to gain access to your home and run off with all of your valuables?

It shouldn’t be that easy. Ensure that your home is a target best avoided with high quality security measures. Along with locks, safes, and sensible living why not invest in security grilles? They’re particularly beneficial throughout the summer; let us explain:

Heightened Risk in Summer Months

Did you know that more than 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries take place in the UK every single year? A large majority of these burglaries will take place throughout the months of July and August when homeowners are away on holiday (and aren’t afraid of shouting about it on social media) or simply because they become a bit lack lustre when keeping windows and doors closed.

Thanks to the (occasional) warm weather, security measures are often compromised due to the need to allow fresh air into our homes or commercial buildings. According to Halifax Home Insurance opportunistic thieves’ ramp up their activity during summer resulting in a 10% rise in burglaries and 40% in outdoor thefts.

What Are Security Grilles?

Offering robust protection measures, Security Grilles are a fantastic solution, particularly for those who live alone or own a commercial premises with high quantities of valuable stock. With doors, windows, and shop fronts remaining the most popular entry point for opportunistic thieves, security grilles are ideal for both domestic and commercial environments.

Did you know that 23% of thieves will target the first floor window? Therefore grilles are designed with anti-cut steel bars and mesh which will delay, if not beat, most criminals who tend to be more focused on finding hassle-free opportunities.

Generally installed inside the window as the intruder would risk detection by breaking the glass first, they can also be completely unobtrusive when not in use. Fully retractable, the grilles can be installed with removable bars, with the option of sliding seamlessly into special cavities in order to free up space.

Why Invest in a Security Grille?

With peace of mind being the forerunner, there are more than a few reasons to invest in security grilles:

  • Internally Fitted – this means that a potential burglar doesn’t have enough time to attack the equipment and quickly break the glass like they would if it was installed externally.
  • With cross pieces and curved lattices, they are more aesthetically pleasing than other options such as bars.
  • Fully Retractable – Retracting neatly they can be stacked and tucked away and out of sight.
  • Different strength grilles available to suit varying needs
  • Security Grilles will generally bring insurance premiums down and save money in the long term
  • Designed to be maintenance free and easy to clean, they are also powder coated to architectural standards.
  • Unlike standard roller shutters, planning officers won’t object grilles.
  • Allows you to keep doors and windows open on warm summer evenings allowing you to let in a cool breeze with the knowledge that you are safe from unwanted intruders.

More Help and Advice

Remember to never leave a door or window open that you can’t keep an eye on. If you can’t then it’s about time that you consider investing in security grilles.

Give our experienced team a call on 0117 967 4994 for more information and advice about the purchase and installation of security grilles.

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