Security Considerations When Caring For The Elderly

Are you someone who is caring for an elderly person on a long-term basis?

Whether you’re a paid carer, or just looking after a friend, neighbour, parent or other close relative, we understand how important it is for you to make sure that they are safe when in their home.

At Thornhill Security, we have a wide selection of specialist products designed to maintain high levels of security across your home, so you can have complete peace of mind that they will be safe in their home and able to be more independent.

Recommended Security Products

Choosing the right security products to suit both your needs and budget is essential, therefore we have highlighted our recommendations for the best products below to help you make the right decision.

Security Grilles

Our highly secure Security Grilles are a great way of preventing intruders from breaking into a property and can be custom built to fit all spaces as well as, being a maintenance free and easy to clean solution.

With a choice of a keypad lock or swipe card, these grilles are easy to operate for the elderly and can allow for fresh air to be let into the property without compromising on security.

Digital Door Viewer

A Digital Door Viewer is an excellent security product that gives you the ability to monitor who is knocking at your door or ringing the bell via a mobile device.

This eliminates the need for the user to stand up and manually check who is at the door, which is particularly useful for the elderly whose mobility may be decreased.

Key box

The Burton Keyguard Digital XL is a highly secure and reliable way of safely storing your keys outside either during the day or at night with glow in the dark technology for improved visibility in low lighting.

This highly secure key box is opened with a pin and allows carers, relatives and other trusted people easy access to the property without the need for the elderly person to get up and answer the door; it also ensures peace of mind that the property can be accessed should the occupant be unresponsive.

Thornhill Key Safe Product Image

Personal Alarm

We highly recommend that you invest in a personal alarm for your elderly friend or relative, these can be placed either in a pocket or around the neck of the user with a lanyard.

It comes with a single button that immediately contacts a 24-hour emergency response centre once pressed which is particularly useful in the event of a fall or emergency.

Therefore, this device not only benefits your elderly relative by making it easier for them to access and use but also helps you to feel more confident that they are safe when left unattended for short periods.

Domestic Safes

A small domestic safe can provide an older person with peace of mind that their cash, jewellery and other valuables can be stored securely within their home. Domestic safes have a range of locking options, including keys, digital keypads and even fingerprint recognition for ease of use.

In addition to keeping valuables locked away from intruders, a domestic safe can also protect against internal theft, something which there have unfortunately been cases of in the past.

From key safes to jewellery safes, we guarantee that our selection of domestic safes will provide maximum protection where required.

Domestic safe for home valuables

Considerations Of Security Products

Like most security products on the market today, there are pros and cons that should be considered before purchasing.

To help determine which product is suitable for your elderly friend or relative, we have highlighted both the advantages and disadvantages of each of our recommended products above as well as some important things to consider before making your purchase.

Security Grilles

Having one of our Extendor Security Grilles fitted to an internal door or window will provide maximum support around a home whilst being easy for an elderly person to use.

Although, for their safety, we highly recommend that you avoid fitting a security grille to any doors or windows where you may have to escape from in the event of a fire.


·        Maintenance free and easy to clean.

·        Can be custom built to fit any size space.

·        Easy to use.

·        May obstruct outside view.

·        Requires a key/card that may be lost.

·        Carers and relatives may require their own key/card.

Digital Door Viewer

With the digital door viewer comes a wide range of benefits as previously mentioned above, all at an affordable price, making it a secure and easy to use security product for both you and your elderly relative.


·        Weatherproof.

·        Easy to fit and install.

·        Long lasting.

·        May be difficult to view in extreme weather conditions.

·        An elderly person may find it difficult to set-up and operate themselves.

·        Requires a smartphone.

 Key Box

Key boxes are a secure and reliable way of storing your spare keys as well as making it easier for a carer or relative to gain access to the property as required.


·        Easy and simple to use.

·        No batteries required.

·        No maintenance required.

·        Can be easily relocated if needed.

·        Allows carer and relative access.

·        An elderly person may forget the code.

Personal Alarm

A personal alarm for the elderly is an affordable safety device which saves thousands of elderly lives each year. Whilst there are a number of personal alarms available, one of the most popular is supplied by Age UK.


·        Thousands of lives saved each year.

·        Easy to use.

·        Allows for additional help buttons to be mounted around the house.

·        Requires a landline number.

·        Monthly fee payable to provider.

·        Unable to detect 100% of falls.


Domestic Safes

If you are looking to purchase a domestic safe then there are a couple of things to consider first, like whether it can be placed in an accessible location for easy access and manoeuvrability as well as how easy it is to remove, relocate or open should you need to.


·        Fire-rated.

·        Simple to use.

·        Prevent external and internal theft.

·        Code or key may be forgotten or lost.

Specialist Security Products At Thornhill Security

At Thornhill Security, we’ve been helping people secure their homes for over 50 years. If you want to find out more about our range of security products suitable for all applications and how you can get the most out of them, call us on: 0117 967 4994 to speak with a member of our team.

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