Secure Rooms Through the Ages – Personal and Commercial Protection

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A secure room is an effective solution for both commercial and domestic use when a standard safe isn’t large enough or if a higher level of security is required. Though out history, people have used secure rooms to protect themselves or their possessions, from potential threat or theft. We have started back in Egyptian times, but earlier eras will also have used similar forms of protection.

A brief overview of the history of secure rooms:

  • In Egyptian times secret rooms were built within the pyramids to protect a buried pharaoh’s treasure from thieves.
  • During the 11th century when concentric castles started to crop up around Britain there would often be a tower in the middle of the castle called the ‘keep’. This acted as a safe room for important people, women and children during siege. (The oldest known stone keep in Great Britain is just across the bridge at Chepstow castle – built in 1068.)
  • During the 17th century English Catholic priests built ‘priest holds’ to protect themselves in times of persecution.
  • During the Blitz of WWII, residents constructed their own secure rooms in the form of air raid shelters, built to protect against bombs – whilst most people reverted to building them with scrap metal in their gardens, there were also publicly available places like the tube system
  • During the Cold War many people in America feared a nuclear war which saw the construction of numerous futuristic style ‘panic rooms’ with supplies to last them for months in hiding.

How Have Secure Rooms Changed?

The need to protect people or possessions has become even greater in the last couple of decades. These days people have many more high value belongings to protect. At the same time the strategies of thieves are also much more sophisticated.  So secure rooms are still designed to serve the same function, however, they have come a long way since bricks and mortar. There is also insurance to think about these days and secure rooms will in most cases reduce your monthly insurance costs for home or business. The key features of our recommended secure rooms are:

  • Security enclosures constructed using modular, lightweight panels – this construction process means assembly or expansion is quick and easy
  • Protection against drills, thermal and electrical equipment and certain firearms
  • Lightweight construction leads to reduced transportation cost
  • Secure rooms can be built into the existing structure of a building
  • Exteriors can be painted or finished with decorative panels

Domestic Secure Rooms

Although once just seen as an asset for the rich or eccentric, secure rooms or panic rooms are becoming more common in domestic residences as they become more affordable. These rooms create a safe room or zone where you and your family could take refuge if your house was broken into by a violent intruder. A secure room would also provide a safe place to store your valuables whilst you were out of the house. There are different systems available to suit domestic needs. Secure rooms can be built to blend in with the rest of your house, meaning they can be completely hidden and secret.

Commercial Secure Rooms

Businesses are finding it necessary to invest in these products to protect from thieves. Many company valuables could all be kept in a safe, but if your business keeps a high volume of expensive goods on site, a secure room is a good investment. Hotels and other businesses that are responsible for guests’ belongings would also benefit from a secure room to protect these items. These rooms are adaptable to most specifications, even those with space constraints or that are located in the upper floor of a premises.

Should I consider a Secure room for my business?

There are countless different products on the market which ensure security for your business and its assets. You can look at our office security page for the full range. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a secure room:

  • Ask your insurance company, what effect a secure room would have on your payments.
  • Think about the volume of items you may have to protect in the future, so that you have something scalable for your business.
  • What are you protecting it from? Theft is the most common, however, you also have to consider fires, and explosives. How susceptible are your goods are to these things? 

Strong room Doors

Strong room doors provide added protection for vaults, secure rooms and other vulnerable areas like security enclosures and transit rooms. This specialist product is also suited to protect high-value assets for banks and jewellers as well as individuals who have high-value items.

Features of strong room doors can include:

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Anti-explosive devices
  • Pre-wired doors to an alarm system
  • Cash ratings of up to £3.5m

Can we Help?

For more information regarding Secure Rooms, Strong Room Doors or any other security measure, call one of our security specialists on 0117 976 4994 for free, friendly advice.

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