Say Goodbye To Big Sets Of Keys With A Master Key System

Thornhill security master keyYear upon year, commercial and retail industries experience the most amount of crime compared to any other sector with over 12,000 crimes reported in 2015 in the UK. This figure is far lower than previous years as many retailers have worked to improve the security of their businesses. Security is paramount to any business who wants to prevent crime against them, a break in can have devastating effects on a business and depending on the nature of the break it can compromise client confidentiality.

Thornhill security offers you peace of mind against internal and external crime in the form of the master key system

What is a master key?

You have probably used a master key system before, for example a lot of larger hotel’s use card keys, and whilst you can only use your key to access the front door and your room, the housekeepers seem to be able to make an unscheduled visit whenever they please. This is because they have a master card key allowing them further access to the hotel as set by the management – further to this security and management usually have full access to the hotel.

It is a system which allows pre-set levels of access to keys integrated into the same system like patenting an idea or product; you patent a key, making any 3rd party copy illegal – blank keys are easily set up for new employees.

The card system is very expensive to implement and is rarely seen outside hotels, this is why cylinder, padlock and lock master key systems are becoming a more attractive and feasible option for business owners, landlords and schools due to its ease of use and relatively low cost.

Thornhill security offers a new generation of master key system – fully customisable to grant a different level of access to each key meaning you can assign employees, tenants, students or staff member’s admission to certain rooms based on their position without compromising security and also reducing the need for security or reception.

How long does a master key system take to install?

The amount of time taken to install is entirely dependent on the size of the system, however once the locks are in place the delegation of power to the keys can be done with ease.

Once the system is installed and the keys have been granted their access, they can be changed to suit your needs. For example, in a business park with 10 floors of offices, the system would be set up to 30 floors, that way if a business leaves the building, the system can be reset with the codes from another floor for example floor 11. The security of the new business moving in is not compromised and there are no more set up costs.

What kinds of buildings is the master key commonly used for?

Master key systems can be effectively implemented in a number of different properties including but not limited to:

  • Residential Housing blocks (Care Homes, dormitories)
  • Commercial business properties (Business Parks, Offices)
  • Larger buildings (Hotels, Hospitals, Flat blocks)

What are the benefits?


  • Giving keys different set levels of access allows the manager of the system to decide who has access to what, for example, he might give his employee’s keys clearance for their office – but not for his.
  • You may think locks that can be opened by numerous keys may be easier to compromise, however reports of lock picking these systems are virtually unheard of.


  • Once the system is installed the only costs incurred will be replacements.
  • Having a master key place in system can eliminate the need for security or reception staff


  • Knowing who has access to which building can help your business stay more organised
  • The final banishment of the jangly set of keys!

Ease of use   

  • 1 key for multiple doors, in a small business, for example, an employee could open all doors with a single key

Are there any disadvantages to a master key system?

  • In very large building or building where lots of different staff have different access to parts of the building the system can become potentially quite confusing – which creates the need to assign numerous ‘sub master’ keys
  • If the master key is lost or stolen, it can be used to access any lock in the building

If you’re looking for assistance with the management and control of access into your office, school or student accommodation or have a query about our locking systems –

 Give us a call on 0117 9674994 or alternatively see our range of master key systems here

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