Raising a glass to Jack

Anyone familiar with Jack Daniel’s advertising will know that the company still likes to produce their bourbon the way Jack did.

However, there is one episode where they have been careful not to follow in Jack’s footsteps. Unfortunately for Jack, a moment of frustration led to his untimely death.

A Tragic Incident With A Safe

Why are we talking about Jack Daniel? Because, so the story goes, one morning he came into work early and forgetting the combination to his safe, kicked it in frustration.

He broke his toe, blood poisoning set in and eventually it finished him off.

Fortunately, few encounters with safes will be as dramatic as that. But the story does illustrate that safes can be big, complicated pieces of equipment that should be treated with respect.

Thornhill – Safe Experts

Whilst we can’t help if, like Jack, you decide to take out your frustration by kicking your safe we can ensure you don’t risk injury to yourself or others or damage to your premises when it comes to dealing with safes.

That’s because at Thornhill we don’t just provide advice on, and supply you with, a new safe and leave the rest to you. We ensure your new safe is professionally installed by our qualified and fully insured engineers.

In doing this they take into consideration a large range of factors including the weight of the safe, strength of supporting walls or floors so that they can ensure it is positioned in the best and most secure position.

Similarly if an existing safe needs re-siting or removing, using a professional safe removal company like ours means you don’t risk injury to yourself or others.

Finally, forgotten the combination or lost the key to your safe? Don’t go the route of Jack, give us a call and we can gain access for you (or even upgrade it to a more up to date locking mechanism).

The Thornhill team have a string of professional accreditations to demonstrate their expertise, as well as a long list of testimonials from satisfied customers. So next time you need a safe removal company or safe installers give us a call on 01179 674994.

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