The Burton Keyguard Digital XL

The Burton Keyguard Digital XL

The Burton Keyguard Digital XL is a small wall mounted and digitally operated key safe to allow those authorised to access a key whether that’s a spare key for home, the key for getting into rental accommodation or a key for business use. This small safe is well known for its quality and reliability and is engineered to protect and last.

A clear advantage of having this wall mounted safely is the added security of having only a small number of keys cut that are locked away to minimise the risk of loss or theft. Particularly for those that only need to use the key for a short amount of time, it is peace of mind to the property owner that the key will not leave the property and that they can change the combination of the lock at any time.

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Key Features

The Keyguard Digital XL deposit box is police approved, insurance approved and loss prevention council approved. The safe is dual certified and it is the first key safe to achieve this security certification.

This neat safe, that doesn’t need batteries to operate, also has many simple but handy features to improve its usability for everyone such as glow in the dark buttons which is useful at night, it’s easy and simple to use, and it has a rubber case to protect it from any weather damage as well as disguise it.

The safe is opened using a pre-programmed code on the 12 button front which is reprogrammable through the owner as and when they wish meaning it is ideal if you only want people to have temporary access.

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