Strongdor Thermally Rated Steel Door

Strongdor Thermally Rated Steel Door

Steeldor Thermal was developed to meet the stringent door efficiency requirements outlined in Part L of the updated Building Regulations mandated by the government. Featuring an insulated internal Rockwool core, the leaf achieves an impressive U-value as low as 1.5 W/m2K, aligning with the specified guidelines of 1.6 for new dwellings and 1.8 for new commercial buildings in England.

As the UK government aims to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, significant changes have been implemented in building regulations to enhance the energy efficiency of structures. Notably, revisions to Part L now establish minimum standards for U-values in steel doors, driving innovations like Steeldor Thermal to meet and exceed these benchmarks.

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Key Features

  • Expandable sides as standard
  • Thermally rated insulated core
  • Keeps the heat in and the cold out
  • Huge range of hardware options available

Product Features

  • Height:
    • Single: up to 2.96m
    • Double: up to 2.96m
  • Width:
    • Single: up to 1.4m
    • Double: up to 2.7m
  • Leaf Thickness: 44mm deep leaf skin
  • Air Permeability: EN1026:2000 to class 4 – 600Pa (113kmh) test pressure
  • Water Tightness: EN1027:2000 to 150Pa for outward opening and 100Pa for inward
  • Resistance to Wind Load: EN12211:2000 to 1200Pa (Class A3) 98 mph
  • Thermal Transmittance (U-Value):
    • Single: As low as 1.6 W/m2K
    • Double: As low as 1.5 W/m2K
  • Weather Tightness: BS 6375: Part 1: 2009 (test to EN1026:2000, EN1027:2000, EN12211:2000) to 1200 exposure rating
    • Acoustic Rating: Up to 39dB rating.
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