Steeldor Steel Personnel Door

Steel Personnel Door

Steeldor single and double personnel door-sets are designed for both internal and external use, facilitating easy entry and exit. Acoustically rated up to 36dB, these doors are custom-built with a variety of hardware, frame, threshold, and panel options, including louvre, vision, and over and side panels.

Easy to install, they are made from corrosion-resistant high-tensile steel, and come with a powder coating and an installation kit. Popular with contractors and specifiers, this versatile door-set offers a wide range of features and customisable options.

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Key Features

  • Expandable Sides as Standard
  • Over 150 Colours as Standard
  • Huge Range of Hardware Options
  • Acoustically Rated up to 36dB
  • Customisable with Louvre, Vision, Over and Side Panels

Product Features

  • Height:
    • Single: Up to 2.96m
    • Double: Up to 2.96m
    • Leaf & A Half: Up to 2.96m
  • Width:
    • Single: Up to 1.4m
    • Double: Up to 2.7m
    • Leaf & A Half: Up to 2.69m
  • Leaf Thickness: 44mm deep leaf skin
  • Air Permeability: EN1026:2000 to class 4 – 600Pa (113km/h) test pressure
  • Water Tightness:
    • EN1027:2000 to 150Pa for outward opening
    • EN1027:2000 to 100Pa for inward opening
  • Resistance to Wind Load: EN12211:2000 to 1200Pa (Class A3) 98 mph
  • Thermal Transmittance (U-Value): Available with an insulated core as low as 1.5 U-value
  • Acoustic Rating: Up to 36dB rating
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