Eurovault Aver S2 Cash Safes

Eurovault Aver S2 Cash Safes

Available in 6 sizes this range of Cash Safes from Burton is ideal for both the home and office and comes with a recommended cash rating of £4,000 and up to £40,000 for valuables.

Key Features

  • Independently tested and certified to EN14450-S2
  • AIS approved
  • Built to a Police Preferred Specification – Secured by Design
  • Option of key or electronic locking
  • Electronic lock features 1 master code and 9 user codes with dual user and time delay functions (add 12mm depth for keypad)
  • Removable shelf in sizes 1-3
  • Height adjustable shelving in sizes 4-6
  • Back and base fixing

Download Product Brochure

Download a copy of the brochure to find out more about the Eurovault Aver S2 Cash Safes

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