Centurion Lightweight Vault Door

Centurion Lightweight Vault Door

An impenetrable gate for your strong room The Centurion lightweight vault door is the ideal complement to the lightweight Grade V strong room, as it offers the same exceptional lightweight performance without compromising on burglary resistance

Key Features

Doors are certified as Grade V and VI by ECBS, in accordance with the EN 1143-1 standard. A new design that offers exceptional lightweight performance without compromising on burglary resistance. The very lightweight door reduces transportation costs and facilitates assembly. Seven and thirteen active front bolts (30 x 30 mm) and two relockers.

Door frames are armoured to provide extra protection. The doors are designed to accommodate an alarm system.

Ergonomic design to optimise simplicity and accessibility for a solution that is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Optional grill gate available, accessible via a high-security lock that can be opened manually or automatically. The door also available as “Door-in-Door” variant with an integrated emergency door, certified as Grade V–VI

Lock Options:

Key Locks
• Mauer 70079 (Class B)
• Mauer Primus 70011 (Class C)

Combination Locks
• S&G 6731 (Class B)
• Kaba Mas LG 1947 (Class C)

Electronic Locks
• KelNet (Class B, C, D)
• Kaba Paxos (Class B, C, D

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