Burton Cerberus Vaults and Doors

Burton Cerberus Vaults and Doors

Independently tested and certified to EN1143-1 Grades 1 – 13. Grades 6 – 13 have been tested and certified to EX, providing additional protection against explosives. Grades 8 – 13 have been tested and certified to CD, providing special protection against core drills

Key Features

  • Designed to suit your size and security requirements.
  • Panels can be provided in lengths of up to 3600mm and can be fitted with cable and ventilation holes if required.
  • Mounting plates for seismic detectors can be added to your vault. Steel cladding for the exterior is available on request. Full consultation, design and building service. Upon completion the room is inspected and registered with VDS. All Cerberus doors come with 2 locks as standard and a third can be ordered on request. The locks are located on the outside only.
  • Cerberus doors can be supplied with key, mechanical combination or electronic locks. Electronic locks can offer redundant systems, dual user, time delay, time lock, duress alarms, audit trails, one time codes, remote programming and tiered access rights.
  • All doors can only open outwards and can open 180˚
  • An emergency door can be integrated into the main vault door or installed as a separate door (grades 1-3 only)
  • A day gate can be fitted to the main vault door on request and comes with a single key lock and a second key or electric strike
  • Exit handles and hydraulic closers can be added on request.

Download Product Brochure

Download a copy of the brochure to find out more about Burton Cerburus Vault and Doors.

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