Borg Lock BL3430

Borg Lock BL3430

Combining a specially designed lockcase with a marine grade keypad, the BL3000 gate lock series is designed for metal box section gates. This model comes with a knob turn device and an Easicode Pro code changing mechanism, allowing a quick, on the door code change. The BL3430DKO ECP is fitted with a key cylinder built into the locking assembly, allowing both a deadbolt function as well as a key override.

The BL3430DKO ECP is the back to back version of the BL3400DKO ECP. Coming with keypads either side, therefore requiring a code to both enter and exit, both are fitting with free turning handles until such a time that the code is entered. The anti-climb lockcase comes with a fully adjustable and reversible latchbolt, allowing it to fit onto metal box sections of many thicknesses and both right hand and left hand hung gates.

This particular model however, separates itself from the conventional BL3400 with the inclusion of a key override. This allows entry with a separate key and offers a deadbolt function as standard. This is a double sided 60mm (30mm each side) euro profile key cylinder.

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Key Features

  • Marine grade keypad
  • Customisable code
  • Deadbolt function and key override
  • Entry and exit code
  • Anti climb lockcase
  • Reversible latchbolt
  • Double sided 60mm key cylinder
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