Anti-Ligature Locks & Handles Range

Anti-Ligature Locks & Handles Range

At Thornhill Security, we supply a wide range of anti-ligature locks and handles designed for use in specialist environments such as mental health facilities and custodial environments.

Anti-ligature handles are designed to be robust and easy to use, whilst preventing building occupants from harming themselves by preventing a ligature (something used to tie or bind) from staying in place securely.

Anti-ligature locking systems give building occupants security and privacy, but also prevent them from barricading themselves in; with various built in override mechanisms to ensure that staff can always get in should they need to.

We can help design, install, and maintain anti-ligature equipment, providing protection and peace of mind for staff and other building users.

Key Features

  • Easy to use for staff and building occupants, particularly those with grip issues
  • Anti-ligature design prevents the chance of any self-harm
  • Can be retrofitted – keeping maintenance costs down
  • Anti-corrosive and easy to clean
  • Products tested in line with TS001
  • Gives building occupants independence
  • Fitted with anti-tamper fixings
  • Range of products to suit all environments
  • Up to 5 override systems to ensure that staff can always gain access should they need to
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