Personalised Luxury Safes with Bespoke Designs from Thornhill Security

Customisable luxury safe service At Thornhill Security, we know safes aren’t the most glamorous looking items and may look out of place in a stylishly decorated room. When it comes to protecting your valuables, safes from reliable suppliers like Thornhill are a secure practical solution, but they don’t have to be lacking in style.

That’s why in addition to our regular services, we now offer a safe wrapping service, and this fully customisable service enables you to create a stylish personalised safe to store jewellery, documents or other valuables whilst complimenting the aesthetics of your home or workspace.

 Choosing Your Safe

Our full range of safes are available to customise, our extensive range of jewellery safes come in numerous different sizes, with cash ratings of up to £100.000 and offering up to £1m+ in jewellery cover, with fire protection and additional extras such as digital locks; so you can choose the safe that best suits the valuables you want to keep secure.

 Choosing Your Image

Due to the nature of the wrapping service, the picture will need to be a full-size vector image, other types of images can work but we always recommend a vector image as they are most likely to be compatible (.EPS, .AI). Your chosen image is then resized to fit in order to retain its quality when transferred onto your safe.

We recommend adobe stock for high quality vector images costing as little as £5.99; alternatively, If you have your own image you like, you can send it over and we will inform you of its compatibility.

Our wrapping service gives our customers the opportunity to show off their individual taste and style, this is ideal for those who want their safe to be the feature of their home or office, and not just a big grey box in the corner. We were recently hired to create this flower printed safe for a customer, who decided to decorate her safe with a unique, colourful floral style to compliment the wall art she has in her bedroom at home – she was very pleased with the results:

“Phil and the team at Thornhill were brilliant, firstly advising me on the type and size of safe that would be suitable for my needs, then understanding exactly what I wanted the safe to look like. It looks perfect and I am really happy with it.” – Toni, Bristol.

Customer testimonial of personalised safe

 Safe Wrapping Process

Once your image has been selected and approved, we will pass your chosen safe onto our wrapping experts who will carefully apply the image to your safe. The image can cover your whole safe or just chosen sides; with measures taken to ensure that the wrapping process doesn’t affect the functionality of the safe.

personalised safe wrapping process from Thornhill Security

Create Your Own Personalised Safe

If you want a stylish safe to suit your room that doesn’t compromise on security, get in touch with Thornhill Security today. Our full range of domestic safes are customisable, give us a call on 0117 967 4994; alternatively, drop us an email with your desired picture attached and we will let you know if it’s compatible.

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