Optimum Security with Secure Rooms

Whilst secure rooms can often lend themselves as domestic solutions where standard safes are Optimum Protection With Secure Rooms not large enough and where high levels of security is required, they are ideally suited for businesses too.

Whether you wish to secure personal valuable items, or hold high value stock such as a jewellers, bank or hotel and wish to protect these assets against burglary, theft, fire and explosion a secure room is an excellent investment for both domestic and commercial use.

Did You Know…

…that Thornhill Security work with a wide range of financial institutions as well as government departments to provide top quality secure rooms or vaults in a wide range of buildings and industries? A secure room is an excellent alternative for a strong room which can be built into the corner of a commercial property without the need to build an additional space out of bricks and mortar.

We provide bespoke installation, working with our clients on every stage of a project including initial discussion and a site visit and survey. Secure rooms are an ideal addition to many businesses including:

  • Power Stations – where the protection of highly dangerous products is necessary
  • Pharmaceuticals – where it is essential to guard dangerous and expensive drugs and medicines
  • Engineering Companies – for the safeguarding of very expensive high pressure metals, which have high value
  • Manufacturers – where they need to keep new designs and prototypes safe from theft or hidden from prying eyes.

Don’t Compromise On Security

Over the years many banks in various parts of the world have been broken into where criminals have tunnelled their way into the vault


A secure room can be a 5 or 6 sided room where the walls, ceiling and floor are all the same thickness, although this thickness can vary, subject to the quality of the room. Taking into account the potential for entry through every possible angle, a secure room is designed to protect valuables or people from attack.

More Help And Advice

If you are interested in the installation of a secure room but not sure where to begin, give our team a call on 0117 967 4994 who are on hand to help.

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